a series of initiatives by and for the UK tech community.

Privacy Policy

The Insider is managed by a group of individuals in the UK tech industry. Given its nature as a community project, its "management" mostly involves running this website, and spreading the good word.

For the "Salary Transparency" initiative to work, we need to collect data. We only collect and store the data that you volunteer to us via the survey form. We respect your anonmyity and make no attempt to collect identifiable data outside of this.

We collect and store survey data using a 3rd-party service, Airtable (Google Sheets but nicer). The data you volunteer via the survey form is publicly accessible, with the exception of your Ethnicity and Gender (if provided). This is to preserve the anonymity of members of the community who are part of minority groups. Ethnicity and Gender data is viewable by The Insider for the purposes of generating aggregate statistics about the UK tech industry, but we assure you that these statistics will only be publicised if they don't make identifiable any individual contributors to the survey.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch: theinsider.tech@gmail.com